Saturday, October 18, 2008

Deaf/Partially Blind Chow has Until Monday at 8 am

My name is Marcie Bonar and I am a volunteer with the Animal League of Gaston County ( There is a last chance Chow at our high kill facility, Gaston County Animal Control in Gastonia, NC, that is classified as deaf and partially blind, Tag #7153.

He is set to be euthanized in the gas chamber at 8:00 am Monday, 10/20/08. If any rescues can help take him, I can pull him from the shelter and pay to have him vaccinated and for one nights boarding. I would need your help in paying to board him the rest of the time until transport could be worked out. If you can help, please phone me at 704-678-6639 BEFORE 7:45 AM Monday, 10/20/08. The paperwork says nothing about aggression or any other issues.

I will not have access to a computer over the weekend, so please cross-post to anyone who might be able to help him. They can call me anytime at 704-678-6639 but I must be able to confirm a rescue with Animal Control before 8:00 am Monday, 10/20/08.

Tag #7153 - AC paperwork says dog is unadoptable for being partially blind and deaf.. I've got a hold on this dog until 5:00 Friday.

Marcie Bonar


  1. hi is he still alive?? i need to talk to myhusband but we live in an apt... groan

  2. This dog has been rescued from what I was informed. However, it still means this dog needs a home like any other dogs who are rescued.

    I would advise you to contact the person, given the information on the blog page of this chow dog. Thanks!


  3. I have been the one who has helped pull this dog and his friend to safety on Oct 20th to a kennel moments before they were to be gassed, and today Nov. 15th 2008 they left Gaston and went to a wonderful woman rescue in PA who will take good care of they did not have to go to the gas chamber....they are at home tonight and be well cared for..GT

  4. GT,

    Thanks for letting us all know about the wonderful news, not only for this chow but also for his friend!