Monday, October 27, 2008

Look to Adopt a Deaf Cat in VA?

I am in need of some help on finding a home for a sweet deaf kitty that I’m fostering due to a family illness. My aunt had open heart surgery in July and had a stroke during – she’s recovering well but she will never be back to the point of living on her own and take care of her kitty again. She is fine with me finding Rascal a new home.

His name is Rascal - he’s a very sweet and lovable 7 year old, neutered, deaf, declawed (front paws), indoor kitty. He weighs a little over 15 lbs – he’s not obese. He’s just a big kitty. His shots are up to date. He loves to be brushed and loved on. He is used to being an only cat but with time, may adjust to others as he has with most of mine. He’s okay with my dog Kroger (Kroger’s 13 and deaf from age – she’s a very calm dog) but Rascal does not like the other dog, Jake, at all. Jake is a lot more “active” and I think Jake just scares Rascal even though Jake loves cats but Rascal isn’t buying it. Over the last couple of months they have been able to coexist with each other – basically, Rascal hisses at Jake and Jake backs down.

Here is where the problem lies – I also have two cats, Catdog and Sally. Rascal and Catdog get along sort of okay but Sally hates Rascal – really hates him. Unfortunately, she becomes very aggressive towards Rascal on sight. I’m keeping Rascal in his own room. It would be great if eventually they all could get along, but I really don’t think Sally and Rascal will work things out. I’ve had Rascal for three months and things have not improved between the two – so I really would like to find him a home where he can be safe and happy. Email me at

Connie Hoover

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