Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sponsor this Deaf Cat, Maxi, to Save His Life in KY!

Maxi is a gorgeous solid white kitty w/ stunning blue eyes. This "deaf" kitty was outside and found as a stray. He's truly lucky to be alive w/ no protection and not being able to hear! He's a very very affectionate & playful boy and he will MEOW rather loudly when he wants attention. He will steal your heart in about 2.2 seconds if you just give yourself the opportunity to fall in love. IF You cannot adopt Maxi, consider sponsoring his adoption to help save his life and offer him a better chance @ finding a forever home!

Maxi was discovered after browsing the same website that Kelly, the deaf pitbull mix, was at. I am going to sponsor $35 in her care and I ask that you donate whatever you can. Go to the link above that will lead you to two buttons to sponsor or donate. This will buy Deaf Animal Row and others time to find her either a foster or permanent home for Maxi. With enough sponsorship, the money could go towards to this cat being fixed, tested and vaccinated. I am not exactly sure how that works with sponsorship.

There has been more successful where publicity on this site in finding a home for deaf cats. I hope that one day Deaf Animal Row will have as much success in facilitating the adoption of deaf dogs into a deaf friendly households like it has been for the deaf cats.


  1. Hi,

    I am sponsoring Maxi, yet am wondering if it shows if he has a sponsor or not? I signed up yesterday to be his sponsor. :)

    Ellen M. Kays

  2. Hi Ellen!

    First of all, thanks for your generosity for Maxi and I'm certain the shelter appreciates it.

    Secondly, you can get in touch with the shelter and inquire about the sponsorship you made for Maxi. I believe Maxi can have more than one sponsor.

    Keep us all posted! :)

  3. Ip relay conversation led me to this site after I was appauled by the content of the conversation...

    Why do you go out of your way to save deaf animals and why not hearing animals?

    because they are deaf do they require more attention?

    Do you save animals because you like animals or because you feel you have a special connection with them because they are deaf?

    that's not right no matter how you look at it...

  4. Thanks for sharing your concern. You are more than welcome to browse further on the site to better understand its goal and mission.

    Something to be mindful here, there are millions of websites and blogs that are dedicated to hearing animals. There is only a handful that caters to deaf animals. Because of deaf animals' unique needs that are often not met, which as a result set them up for failure and/or the reality of them being harder to adopt than their hearing counterpart, it is important to have a website dedicated to them to increase awareness.

    Since the inception of this blog less than a year ago, most of these deaf cats who were posted on this blog have found a loving home while prior to that, they have been waiting forever as there's a little interest in deaf animals.

    As for going out of my way to save deaf animals, not hearing animals, in fact, it's the other way around for many years until I learned about the existence of deaf animals and how ignorance have cost many of their lives. Some people's ignorance reminds us of the ignorance we have dealt with everyday in the hearing society as deaf individuals. The only difference between deaf animals and us is that with amazing technology, such as the internet and VRS, we are no longer thrusted into the darkness and can assert to have a place in the society. In turn, we are their advocates as visual beings with our allies to ensure they have a place in society just as much as hearing animals.

    You can bet on this that people who support this site, including this site, would not turn the other cheek when there is a hearing animal in need.