Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spay/Neuter & Adopting from Shelter = You Save Lives!

I hate to be the bearer of this sad reality as no one does, but I feel this is important to educate the public. This hit me when one of the deaf cat adopters contacted me to inform me that his friend wants to know if she can have a deaf cat or deaf dog that is not spayed/neutered. I explained why it is not going to happen, which this adopter did relay but that person didn't believe it and want to hear it from me. So, I thought I'd might as well let more than one person
learn by sharing here.

I will be no part nor do I support in allowing someone to get an unspayed and unneutered pets, be it deaf or hearing. I do know that no rescue groups, foster homes or shelters across the nation will adopt out an animal without having it spayed and neutered because they're very aware of the real and tragic problems affecting our furry friends.

All kind of cats and dogs there are, mixed or purebreed, they are euthanized, including kittens and puppies everyday at shelters. They do not deserve this at all and people contributed to this either by ignorance, selfish reason or greed. It is humans who contribute to the overpopulation of cats/dogs and we need to take the responsibility in spaying and neutering our pets and educating others the importance in doing so. Below are two videos:

Born to die

Multiplying cats

By watching these videos, I hope it will make you realize that when you buy a dog or cat, you kill those that are waiting in the shelter. When you do not fix your dog or cat, their offsprings will be dropped off in shelter too you'll never know about and will not help save these animals in shelter, also waiting for home before their euthansia date.

Do not buy dogs from pet store as they come from puppymill where these dogs are used as breeding machine, living in unsanitary crates forever. The more they see they are not making $$, they'll stop and it's better for the puppy mill dogs. To learn more about puppy mills, go to:

Photos of those rescued from puppy mills, go to:

Please think about how each one of us, as a human, can help make a difference and save a life. The animals rely on us for our hands/voice. It is with hopes that after this blog, the person or anyone who want an unspayed and unneutered pet will now understand that it means death for infinite of innocent animals.

Pennsylvania is known as the east capital of the Puppy Mills. The issue of puppy mills will be on Oprah's show tomorrow, so tune in to watch! For more information, go to this site:

At this moment, not all of them can be saved but down the road with all of our help other than adoption, foster and rescue. Start with ABC -- Animal Birth Control -- to help end homelessness of animals. A campaign is done by PETA about this at:

Know your ABC's and spread it!

Good source of information on facts and myths of spay and neuter can be found here about cats and dogs:

If you want to know of a low cost spay/neuter place in your home area, go to this link:

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