Monday, April 28, 2008

Angel is Floating in Heaven!

Who is the fairest of all?

We are proud and excited to say that we adopted a deaf kitty this weekend! We began to talk about adopting a second cat to keep our hearing cat company several months ago. We talked about the idea of adopting a deaf kitty and we had no idea how difficult it is for deaf pets to find homes until I learned about and visited with Katherine via email. It made me want to try even harder to look for a deaf kitty to adopt. We looked for a deaf kitty to adopt for many months and it was worth the wait! Angel had waited for a year and half until now to be adopted when all of her hearing siblings got adopted a long time ago.

My husband and I are deaf. We have a daughter who will be 4 this summer and she is hearing. We explained to her many months ago about the idea of adopting a deaf kitty. We talked about it every day so she would become familiar with how to be around a deaf kitty such as letting the deaf kitty know that you are in the room by gently patting on its head or waving in front of its face.

She loves me like she does her mommy and daddy!

We found a deaf kitty available for adoption, who was in a foster home, in a small town few miles from where we live. When we first met Angel (deaf kitty), we fell in love with her! She is adjusting to her new forever home very well. She loves to be with people and follows us everywhere we go in the house.

Checking out what intrigues Angel
If you want a new pet, I encourage you to consider adopting a deaf pet and do not give up until you find one or check this blog. Katherine is very good at answering any questions that you may have about adopting a deaf pet.

Thank you, Katherine, for having your awesome blog website that educates us so many things about deaf pets that need a home all over the United States. It got me so motivated to adopt a deaf kitty! I will continue to share this blog website with other people.

Taking a break from the mirror, oops I mean window


  1. Great for you and your kitty.

  2. Thank you for sharing this story. We have our share of wonderful Deaf animals as well as hearing ones. Having Deaf animals reminds us that we all are natural and we do contribute to a better world for all.

  3. So cute!! Funny remark about the window/mirror :)

  4. Angel just won the "kitty lottery" when she joined Kari, Charles' and Kalei's home! They are all animal lovers, big time! (Kari is my cousin, and I know how hard they worked to find Angel).

  5. I am proud to say that Angel is my new "grand-kitty", as Kari is my daughter. We are already in love with Angel too!!! She is beautiful! I am so proud of Kari, Chas and Kalei for adopting her.

  6. Ella Mae:



    The captions under some pictures I arranged are my own doing with Kari's permission :)

    To the cousin and mother of Kari, thank you for being animal lovers and probably what Kari took after and it'll rub off Kalei :)

    Kari, it was truly a pleasure corresponding with you for some time and helping in any way I could.

  7. Dear Kari,

    I am so happy that you now have a deaf kitty in your home. I know how hard you tried to adopt Dingy from Georgia and I am very disappointed that it didn't work out. Angel is a beautiful girl and it is apparent that your daughter is very taken with her as well.

    Bruce Wilson

  8. Your deaf cat is so beautiful.
    I owned a deaf cat for 19yrs. She passed away last year in April due to old age. I miss her so much. I've been looking for another deaf cat to be it's ears for another 19yrs.
    God bless you for caring.