Thursday, August 2, 2007

Not Only is Deaf Trixie a Pet: A Co-Worker Too!

So, I am glad to find a group of people that can I can relate to! I had never heard of a deaf dog until I met Trixie. I fell in love with her right away, and I really believe she and I were meant for each other!

She is my pet and my co-worker, and she is a great example to other dogs. I have had my deaf JRT Trixie for about 2 years. She was once on doggy death row, scheduled for euthanasia, but was rescued at the last minute. Trixie is now my partner in our company, K9 Mold Pro, a mold inspection firm located in SW Florida. She is a fully trained and certified mold detection dog, with over 1200 hours of training behind her. She is requested by many large companies, and has been featured on several news and TV shows, the biggest being ABC's Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. A website about Trixie A movie clip about Trixie among other dogs

Trixie and I also work with our local shelters by helping them when they receive a deaf dog. We have taken them in, trained them, socialized them and helped them get placed. Despite the high energy level of a JRT, there is a difference between that and anxiety or stress, which we find deaf shelter dogs usually have. Trixie has been instrumental in helping other dogs calm down, have peace, and learn to live in a pack.

I am eager to discuss my unique situation with other deaf JRT owners, I did not know of any others until I found this group.

Semper Fi!
Jason Bilotta
K9 Mold Pro
(941) 626-8592


  1. Thanks for sharing your story! KC Star newspaper's pet picture of the day was 2 JRT. One of them is deaf. They are brothers and a package deal. I hope someone will adopt those cute dogs. Thanks, Kim

  2. I think Trixie and you are awesome partner!! He cannot do it without you, nor you him, right? We appreciate that you share this with us. It is a good idea that you inform the public that Trixie is deaf and is useful! Thanks.


  3. Thanks for posting the story! Trixie, I believe, was meant to be with me.