Sunday, February 27, 2011

Manhattan, NY: Pit Bull MIx in Shelter

LADY – A889135 – 7 month old female pittie mix – 47lbs – OS, 2/18

Contact Info:

New Hope Liaison, Manhattan Shelter

Animal Care and Control of NYC
C: 917-578-6372

Lady was living in a home with a child. Her and the child were playing together, but then she scratched him and the family brought her to the shelter. She is now off hold and ready for her new life! 

A volunteer wrote: Lady is a 7 month old pittie mix who arrived at the shelter on 2/18. Lady was brought to the shelter by her owner, who said she no longer wanted Lady because she had scratched the child in the home. Lady has a beautiful white coat with big brown eyes and a big black nose, she is beyond adorable and reminds me so much of the Coca-Cola polar bears! Lady is quite the social butterfly at the shelter and seems interested in making friends with every person or creature she meets, and this includes her own reflection in glass doorways! Lady seems to have grasped the concept of housebreaking already, as she goes to the bathroom immediately when taken outside, and also can sit down when prompted, but she will still need some basic training like any other puppy. For the past few days I have been at the shelter I have noticed Lady sleeping soundly in her kennel during periods of incredibly loud barking and noise, I finally took her out for a walk today and have confirmed my suspicions that she is in fact deaf. Because of this, Lady will require her puppy training a different and obviously non-verbal form, and will need a forever family willing help her with this. Since Lady is very visually oriented, curious, and loves her treats I'm sure she will pick up hand signals quite quickly. It has in fact been proven that all dogs respond better and learn their commands faster though hand signals rather than verbal commands alone. Having fostered deaf dogs previously, I can tell you that my own hearing dog learned all of hand signal commands just through watching me interact with her deaf foster siblings, and I still sometimes find myself signing to her rather than speaking, as it becomes a habit quite quickly! I would urge anyone looking for a dog to please consider this gorgeous girl despite her "disability," as you would be hard pressed to find another so wiggly and delicious. I really hope there is someone out there who will see Lady not as "special needs" but rather as just "special," because that is exactly what she is! Lady is waiting for you at the Manhattan Shelter!

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