Sunday, February 27, 2011

Carrollton, KY: Mutt Needs Rescue ASAP

Contact Tammie at 502-732-6040 or

These are the cutest pups that I have seen in a while. They have been at the shelter for over 3 weeks. We wanted to make sure that they did not break with parvo after giving them their vaccine. It has been 2 weeks today since they had their vaccine so I think they are good to go. Both are girls and the little white one is blue-eyed and deaf. She has some speckling on her eyes but that is the only coloring she has. I believe they will be big dogs as they have tree trunk legs and big feet. They need rescue ASAP as they will be first on the list. They are approx 10-12 weeks old.

Pull fee is $20.00 and we have a PayPal account on our Petfinder site listed below.

Permission to crosspost. No posting to CL or FB, please. No calls after 10 pm EST. 

Tammie L Crawford 
Director of Carroll Co Animal Support, INC
Carrollton, KY

Don't pity shelter dogs, Adopt one!!!

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