Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Deaf Aussie's Last Day in SC on 1/23. Hurry!

This poor gal has no rescue and no home! She is a purebred Australian Shepherd who is deaf (I am assuming bilaterally) and needs immediate rescue. Good with other dogs (obviously) and sweet natured, just scared in the kennel environment. Deaf dogs are wonderful (I have fostered three) and this girl deserves a chance. I wish I could take her, my heart is aching for this beauty.

Michelle Shead
Anderson County Animal Shelter
Anderson, SC 29621


  1. What a beautiful dog! Hope someone who hasn't adopted a deaf dog would consider it. Don't let this deaf dog, like any other deaf dogs, die.

  2. Why this dog has to be leashed in the run with the few other dogs who are not leashed. Hope Aussie is rescued immediately.

  3. Again obviously the dog is blind too because of its abnormal eye pupils Diane

    I wish there is a new law that banned to put their cats and dogs down.

  4. Hi Diane:

    Your guess is as good as mine about why this Aussie is leashed, not the others.

    This dog is not blind otherwise it is mentioned. It is irresponsible of anyone to withheld that part of information if it was the case. It is likely she isn't blind since she is looking directly at the camera.

    I think the energy is worth spent and very wisely when everyone makes an effort to spay/neuter animals and/or adopt an animal from shelter or rescue.

    There are animals that exist who need a home. Some people prefer furry babies, which is sad, because these adult animals were once babies and then get discarded.

    More and more rescues are getting full because people don't consider adopting from them or shelters. When there are some animals at risk of death, those rescues can't help until the animals they have get adopted.

    It's a vicious cycle and it is up to us to be proactive. Come on folks, humans claim we are much intelligent so let's show it can be done! :)

  5. Katherine -- I agree. She may be legally blind. Who knows. Most shelters withhold the information of animals' medical background. Sad. Let's pray that beautiful dog is saved.


  6. Is there any way the aussie can go to another state?

  7. Hi Lisa,

    Yes, the dog can be transported from one place to another to an adopter's or foster home. If you are interested or know of someone who is, email deafanimalrow@gmail.com and you will be put in contact with a group of people experienced in setting up transport. Hope this helps answer your question.


  8. Hey Diane:

    I guess you are right. I happen to know someone who has taken Ranger into her rescue. She did say that Ranger is hearing and visually impaired. By how much, unsure. Why it wasn't mentioned in the crosspost is beyond me. Anyone interested in this dog can get in touch with Margret at softestpaws@aol.com.

    For anyone interested to help:

    I am including a link of fundable to help Margret to raise $ for heartworm treatment. This dog can't be with other dogs until he is fully treated. Go to Ranger's blogpage for the link.