Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deaf Cat in Ohio Needs a Loving Home

New Home Wanted for Beautiful Deaf Cat

My name is Nicholas Nickleby but everyone calls me Nikki.

I am an 11 month old, white, long haired purebred Turkish Angora with one blue eye and one green eye. My extra long fluffy tail comes all the way back to my neck. I am deaf, but I have a special radar that lets me know where my family members are at all times. I love people, especially children. I am sweet tempered and I love to play and be right where the action is. My family isn’t home very much right now because of health problems so I’m lonely. I need a new home where I will have lots of companionship. I’m FIV and FeLV negative, have had all my shots and have been neutered.

Adoption fee is a tax deductable donation of $70 to C.A.T.S. (Community Action to Save Strays). That's our local cat rescue group. Call (440) 774-3444 or email


  1. Oh, she's so beautiful. I hope someone will adopt her really soon. I'd love to adopt her but our HOA policy says the limit of pets is four. We already have four pets. :(

  2. Hi Deb Ann:

    It is always good that people are interested. At the same time, it is also good that people are honest, like you, about not being able to take in another one because of housing policy.

    The last thing any one of us want is for Nikki or any other cats/dogs to be surrendered again as the change is not only traumatic but unfair for them. Animals do have feelings.

    You are welcome to share with others, who you feel are responsible animal owner, about Nikki. Your cats are lucky to have a such caring human mom :-)

  3. Is there any way to get Nikki to Colorado? We recently lost our little white deaf kitty (one blue eye, one green eye) to heart disease. He wasn't even 2 years old and it was devastating. We want to honor him by getting another deaf kitty who may not be adoptable because of it. We are all set up for deaf kitties, but we are near Boulder. Any ideas?

  4. Hi Carolyn:

    First, I am very sorry about your loss.

    The rescue's preference is to find Nikki a qualified home locally/one of its neighboring states and if all fails, they would consider out of state adoption as long as vet reference, home visit and application pass with flying colors.

    There'll be other deaf cats in your area that need your help. Thanks for your interest!