Friday, September 19, 2008

Braveheart in Need of Your Attention!



Dear Folks,

Generally you find me crossposting and/or requesting help for other rescues or individuals. For the first time, I am asking, believe it or not, for myself. Braveheart is a beautiful loving roly-poly deaf American Staffordshire Terrier (or "pit" in the American vulgar) who loves children, adults, cats, dogs, etc.

When he was first found in Oklahoma, he was starving and exhausted, yet would run away at the slightest hint. With perserverance and patience, animal control was able to bring him to their shelter. He so captivated the volunteer staff that they could not euthanize him.

And that's where I came in. I have paid for his vetting, and with the help of good friends and colleagues we sent him to a boarding facility in Oklahoma where he has turned into a well-fed and loving dog that has captivated his boarding staff.

I'm not looking for funds, but we have now run out of money. I am looking for either a rescue or a kind and loving individual or family to take Braveheart into their homes. If you know ASL (American Sign language that is great) but not necessary. I have placed two deaf pitties in wonderful families and they are extraordinarily intelligent. They depend upon visual facial expressions and will watch their owners intently to understand what is needed. They rarely, if ever, bark since their world is silent.

I have thanked you all time and time again for your incredible generosity and compassion. So could you please crosspost out and have all replies sent to me: I am blessed to have contacts across the United States, so as always, a home visit and vet reference is required. Thank you, all!

Jan Karpel

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  1. PLEASE consider Braveheart for adoption YOU will not be Sorry!!!
    I work at a shelter and found myself in a similiar situation. A wonderful animal, a white deaf mix breed, who we all adored for her docile and wonderful temperment. We had No applications and her stay was getting long and the spring came and the shelter was filling up. I took her home to get her different exposure and be sure she was as loving and smart a creature as we had believed,she was all that and more and learned sign language immediately. Needless to say I have adopted her and she looks very similiar to "Braveheart". This is hands down the BEST pet I have ever owned and the shelter staff is still inlove and amazed at this gentle intelligent soul when she stops in for visit. PLEASE consider Braveheart for adoption YOU will not be Sorry!!!