Friday, July 4, 2008

Help Shiloh Fly from CA to TN. How?


Genuine opportunities to change a life are few and far between. The chance to make a difference for a mere five or ten dollars is rarer still.

Her Story:
Shiloh is a beautiful five-year-old Catahoula Leopard dog that was born deaf. She narrowly escaped death via euthanasia when a charitable woman rescued Shiloh from the needle of a breeder who had no use for a 'defective' dog.

Unfortunately, Shiloh's mom began to experience misfortune of her own when her husband abandoned her. Bank foreclosure on her house soon followed. Without a home to keep Shiloh, her human mom tried valiantly to find a new place for the resilient animal to stay. This proved to be a difficult task because few prospective owners were willing to accept the special challenges that come with a hearing-impaired dog.

She was forced to give Shiloh over to a local humane society, partly because this organization had a 'no-kill' status. Incredibly, this organization - like Shiloh's breeder before it - decided to put Shiloh down after deeming her 'unadoptable' due to her deafness. Just one hour before being euthanized, Shiloh's mom was able to spare her life a second time with the help of a local animal rescue. Since then, Shiloh has been unsettled as her human mom has tried desperately to find her a new home. Shiloh has been bumped around from foster homes to boarding to foster homes lately. There is a great sense of urgency to move her into a permananent home, as she becomes more nervous with each successive temporary move.

I am willing to accept this responsibility of finding her a home with open arms and an open heart. I have both fostered and adopted out many Catahoulas (and special needs pups). I know that I can work with Shiloh and place her in the perfect forever home. My concern is not in rehabilitating or in training Shiloh, I have experience in those areas, it is about money. And though Shiloh's former owner and I have the best of intentions, the combination of a recently-evicted abandoned wife and a recent college graduate isn't the best when generating the resources necessary to pay for the expenses of transporting Shiloh across the country (California - Tennessee). In addition to this expense we found out last week that Shiloh is HW+, her treatment will cost around $500 locally). The total shortfall is $1,000. I am Shiloh's last chance but my heart is far larger than my wallet.

This is where you can help!!
We've already raised *almost HALF* of the required funds, but the first portion is always the easiest to get. It will be that last five hundred dollars that presents the greatest difficulty.
If we can convince just 100 people to donate the same amount they'd spend on a gallon or two of gas, or on half of a meal at a run-of-the-mill restaurant, Shiloh could get the loving, stable home she deserves. She has overcome so much adversity already, cheating death on more than one occasion. She is one final step away from a caring environment.
Whatever you can spare - even if that's five or ten dollars - will go a long way toward saving this beautiful dog's life.

Read more about Shiloh at

To send money via PayPal you just go to their website and then enter my e-mail address: If you would prefer to mail in a donation, please e-mail me for the mailing address. Thank you in advance for your time and generosity, and remember ... every little bit helps!

Courtney Groves

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