Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blu's History Prior to Adoption by New Family

Below is an email sent to the new adoptive family of Blu about Blu's history by the foster mom:

Blu did get adopted when he was a young puppy. A lady, who worked with the local MHMR, adopted him, thinking that he would be a wonderful therapy dog for the folks that lived at the facility, but after a couple of weeks she brought him back saying that the patients at the hospital were a little too rough with him and she thought at the time he was too small. That is when he came to me. I asked her why she didn't take Blu home with her until he got a little older and bigger, and that dang woman said she would not have a dog at her home because she paid 2000 dollars for her couch. I don't understand people. So I guess he was about 8 or 10 weeks old when he came to live with us.

When he came home with me, for the first couple of weeks he would get disoriented and fall and have a lot of trouble getting back up, I would pick him up and stand him upright and hold him until he got his bearings.. And after a while, he stopped having so much trouble. I don't know if it was the difference in food, or care or what, but when I would take him for adoption days at the humane society, he kept growing bigger and had much better balance, and disposition that his siblings. One of them was a lovely tiger stripped puppy, it never did learn even how to stand, and somehow it caught parvo at its foster home and was put to sleep. It was all just such a sad story, and I promised myself that Blu would live a long happy life.

Up until he was about six months I would take him up to adoption day, lots of people fell in love with him, but no one ever wanted to adopt him after they found out he was deaf, and I always thought that if they felt that way, they probably didn't need to have a pet at all. About the time he was six months, I've had been told by some people that I should have him put to sleep because he would not be able to live a normal happy life. I told them over my dead body. So, Blu spent the last year or so with us,. He would play with Olivia, my rottie mix and Gwennie (we aren't sure what she is other than a bundle of love) and he would come in with me when the weather was too hot or too cold. I went back to school after my daughter joined the army and my grandmother passed away. School has taken so much of my time (but I knew that physics would be a demanding field) I haven't gotten to spend the kind of time with Blu that he needs and deserves, but I have tried to help him be a happy guy.

I got several email about him, but no one until you guys that seemed willing to devote themselves to him the way you have. I'm going to attach pictures of his canine brothers and sisters here so that the names will have furry faces.

Thanks so much,

P.S. The pic a place in the shade is Gwennie (for some reason, my hubby named her after me)
and Sandi was my ancient red heeler mix, she was 20 this spring.


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