Friday, May 16, 2008

Deaf Pointer Pup in Texas Until May 21st!

If anyone knows of a rescue or adopter who is familiar with hearing impaired dogs please let me know.

Here is a note I got from the woman who took the pictures:

The new photos I took today are up. I wanted to ask you if you know of a rescue or adopter. This beautiful pointer mix puppy appears to be completely deaf. I thought something was up with her the other day when I took her out, but she was with two other puppies and was very playful. I was thinking she had that deaf look...and with the pink nose and eyes and freckles that is usually a sign.

Today she is in a kennel alone and it is pretty obvious she is hearing impaired. Check for more photos of CJ at:

Get in touch with Maile at: or call at 936-442-7738 about this dog. If you want to adopt CJ, ask Maile. It will cost $100 that will cover shots, spay and microchip. The shelter is located at 8535 Highway 242 in Conroe, Texas 77378. Once adoption is confirmed, surgery will be done before he leaves the shelter.

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