Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Look at What Deaf Rajah Has Learned!

Above is a videoclip of Rajah, deaf pitbull mix, doing sit, lay down, come and friends, which she'll shake your hand. I had this interpreter take video for me after the Teacher's Pet class, which Rajah did good. You will notice that she is receptive to me signing to the ASL interpreter :) Definitely a visual dog!

As a volunteer, I have been dedicating many, many hours spending time and working with Rajah at Philadelphia SPCA. She picked up very quickly when she is taught something new. She knew nothing upon arrival, which is common among deaf dogs in the hands of ignorant people. She is ready to go to a home if one passes screening with flying color. Much further than the state where Rajah is may be considered as transportation can be arranged by the animal loving community/network who have saved many animals and put them in a new home. Rajah is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.

She is a darling and have won over people. She loves sitting next to me on the bench, curling up to me, lays her head or half of her body on my lap as we watch people walk by. She is getting better with the leash. She enjoys greeting people and loves to be constantly touched for affection. The hardest part for me is whenever it is time to go back to the kennel because she would struggle and walk backwards to avoid and try to go into another direction. Most recent, she didn't want to go in and jumped on the bench and sat on this 8 years old boy's lap while his relative and him were petting her. Whatever excuse she can find to avoid going back to the kennel. I don't blame her. She got two strikes against her because she is deaf and a pitbull, but
I see no reason for such ignorance. Learn the joy of living with deaf pets.

Someone who adopts her will be very lucky. She needs a home that is consistent and loving to her as well as be sensitive to her visual cues.


  1. yay, i love videos! keep them coming. really gives a better picture of a pet's personality than an actual photo :)


  2. true, i agree with raychelle!! video are powerful!! sometimes more than pictures alone.

    deaf rajah is really cute!!


  3. wow keep up ! because we(my wife and i) are dog freaky! i hope someday i will training dog like that :D.

    Joshua "Vampbat" Womick

  4. aww..he's cute. I would not mind adopting more but right now i have 4 dogs with 2 teenagers. My teenagers are more of outgoings that keep me busy and of course dogs need alot attentions so I better stop getting more and more until I am very settled down. I am dog lover since I was toddler.
    I sure hope that Rajah finds a good home and loveable owner which he really derserves!
    Thanks for showing video of him and show dogs/cats on video more often that would help attracting people to possibly adopt.
    I just dream of owning kennels (boarding) for dogs and cats and take care of them for owners while they are on vacations, etc. but will I have that dream?

  5. Hi everyone:

    I agree videos are great.

    I really hope Rajah finds a home very soon, so I can save the next deaf dog in Philadelphia and train it before it gets adopted.

    While I welcome members of hearing community to adopt a deaf dog as some of them have, it is important that Deaf community becomes more proactive in considering a deaf dog in urgent need a home.

    It remains that deaf dogs are hard to adopt by the majority. Hearing dogs are often preferred over them. Spread the word about the importance of saving a deaf dog.