Monday, February 11, 2008

2 Deaf Pit Mix in Philadelphia Need Saving ASAP!

UPDATE: Perla is now safe but BamBam still needs help getting out of PACCA!

FURHTER UPDATE: I was informed by PSPCA, who re-tested her, that Perla is not deaf. Perla is still safe. As for BamBam, a concrete answer to what happened to him wasn't given other than saying no record of him and that he left facility unauthorized.

Greetings, PAWS has two beautiful, scared deaf furry pals that are in desperate need of a rescue, foster, or forever home. So I am reaching out to all of you to see if you can help us place these two wonderful dogs! Please forward this email to anyone you think might be able to help!


First there's Perla, a beautiful, white, 2 year old, deaf Pitty mix surrendered to the shelter because her owner was given a military transfer. She is petrified in the shelter! She has no idea why she is in this strange place and you can see her confusion and sadness all over her face!!! She wouldn't move from the corner of her cage when I went in to interact with her. She did lick me and let me pet he when I sat with her, but she just stayed in the corner. This poor girl really needs to be somewhere safe, happy, and peaceful! Her Animal ID# is: A04167978. Below is a picture of Perla:
Then there's Bambam! He's a very young, beautiful, deaf Pitty mix, picked up as a stray in West Philly. He is an absolute love! He wants to cuddle up next to you, roll over and get his belly rubbed! And he has that wonderful puppy energy, so he won my heart within five minutes! He walks beautifully on the leash, he seems to LOVE other dogs, he also loves being in the company of humans, and he really wants to sit for a treat, but he gets so excited, his behind barely touches the floor! His animal ID# is: A04115841. Below is pictures of BamBam:

If you need any additional information regarding either of these furry pals, please email or IM me at Please direct any inquiries to me.

Thank you for caring about the lives of our furry friends!

With Gratitude,
PAWS Volunteer

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