Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A reminder for Dog Owners on Thanksgiving Day...

Please refrain, as tempting as it can be not to resist a sad face, from giving your dog turkey. The trytophan that turkey contains can cause neurological symptoms for any dogs and especially not good for dogs with liver disease. The turkey skin can cause severe pancreatitis for dogs. I learned about this from the support group for dogs with liver disease. Instead, give them chicken if you have to give them something.

Marley is doing ok and really enjoys her bland diet as they consist of real food. Who can blame her! :) It's hard when she looks at me for more but I have to give her a limited amount for liver's sake. She is still on medication and will take her back to vet in a week and half for her check up and more tests. I remain hopeful.

Marley's November 16th Update


  1. Thats right we don't give any turkey or meats to our dog. Also do not give them any raisins, too dangerous and toxin.

  2. Yes, raisins as well as grapes are dangerous and can kill dogs. Before you give anything unusual to your dog, consult with your vet and save your $$!

    I received in email a sad story about a dog being brought to ER after eating raisins. At the end, he had to be euthanized. I do not think any of dog owners want to take a chance.

  3. I received in email about the same sad story about the dog being taken to the ER in 2004 from our dog breeder and again in a few months ago from another new friend. I forwarded it to others even the same people I did in 2004 to remind them.