Friday, November 16, 2007

Emergency Room VS. Home for Marley

In my other post, I talked about obstruction and shunt that the ER had tested for, which came negative. Her tummy and neck area were shaven for the purpose of applying ultrasound to detect a problem if any.

Shaved neck

Shaved tummy
When she was first brought to ER, the thought of possibly losing her struck me as I wasn't ready not to have Marley in my life anymore. Marley hated being in the ER for a couple of days. She has separation anxiety and hates kennel. She was barking loud while inside the small kennel except when she is in someone's arms. She was on an IV with swivel that allows her to move around in circles and had a cone collar on because she would pull out the IV even after the nurse had put apple bitter on her arm.

Shaved arm for the IV
It broke my heart and I decided that she has to come home with me while putting her on medication therapy. Marley wants nothing more than to be at home and I hope that home will be the best treatment. On her first night home, she rubbed herself and rolled on the blanket before going under blanket with me.

I have learned to try to go by one day at a time to maintain my sanity. When I first brought her home, she was resting and slept a lot. I have been feeding her a small portion 4 times a day so not to put strain on her liver. I still pray that she continues to improve and will get good news about her to a point that biospy or surgery will not be needed. Vet is still figuring out how she got a liver disease.

For all the animals I have saved and spent on those many, many years, I really hope Marley's life will be spared.

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