Sunday, July 22, 2012

Alexandria, VA: 4 Cats Have Until Tuesday to Get Help!


Sorry I've been busily out and about looking for places. It's been pretty exhausting. I've had no luck. I'm still trying to search. I was wondering if you knew of any rescues that may be able to help? I would be able to pay a fee, etc. I'm starting to worry because I haven't gotten any response.

I have tried contacting so many rescues. Currently I'm in a situation where I have lost my apartment, and I am living out of motels. I currently have 4 cats that I am looking for homes for them. Out of all, Charlie is the deaf one. I have no family or friends to help, and my absolute last resort would be taking them to a shelter where they would likely be euthanized because of kitten season. I have grown exhausted of looking for options and it has really taken a mental toll on me, and I was wondering if your organization could help or at least point me into the right direction of any rescues or organizations. I've tried other organizations, and a lot of the cat rescues around my area to no avail. Even if it's temporary shelter for them until I can get back on my feet. If there's any program you know of, or any organization that could help, I would be so grateful. Thank you for any help or advice you could assist me with. I am in the Northern Virginia area. I can be reached at



  1. I am sharing this on Facebook, on Twitter and on Google+ I hope we can help in some way. Surely there is SOMEONE out there who has a heart and can help.

  2. Do you have any news on the lady with the four cats yet? I have friends spreading the word and asking if there is an update. Any information would help, there ARE folks out there trying to help.

    Marjorie and DashKitten

  3. Hi. I would like to know if anyone has taken them in?