Monday, March 5, 2012

West Hollywood, CA: Pit Bull Mix Abandoned

My name is Cherie; I work as the Adoption Coordinator and Receptionist at an emergency animal hospital located in West Hollywood. I'm just hoping the more people hear about June the better her chances are. So here is Junes story and maybe you could share it and help me help her find a home:

Every once in a while a stray dog or cat in need of veterinary care is abandoned at our office and we are happy to help out. We do our best to find them homes but on occasion it can be very difficult. One such case is a 2 year old Pit-American Bulldog mix. She arrived at the hospital extremely painful: we thought she may have been hit by a car. After x-rays showing no broken bones we treated her to the best of our ability and within days she made what we considered a miraculous recovery. Being very clever, we named her June, as that was the month
she arrived at our doorstep.

Shortly after she arrived we came to the conclusion that she was hearing impaired (almost completely deaf). I am writing to plead for help in finding June a permanent home or even a rescue to take her in. She currently spends up to 22 hours a day in a kennel due to the fact that our hospital lacks the staff and space to spend the much needed time with her.

June is clearly a special needs dog and needs an owner who will help her with the patience and training she needs. June is not dog aggressive but she has met very few dogs and should be considered a caution with other pets until she has been properly socialized. She would likely do best in a home with no other animals until she gets further training.

She is so energetic and gets a bit of cabin fever in her kennel, she loves to play but can be a little rough at times. I am desperate to avoid the hospital management sending her to the shelter so I am reaching out to organizations like yours. It is my deepest wish to find her a place with people who will love her and give her the attention she so much deserves.

Thank you for reading June’s Story please feel free to share it with your friends and if you can help me find her a home I would greatly appreciate it.

Cherie Ederer

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