Thursday, March 3, 2011

McGrady and His Irish Blessing

McGrady truly has the "Luck O' the Irish"! He is an Australian Shepherd and is located in NC. McGrady, who I pulled 3/6/2010 from Ashe County (NC) Animal Control, intending to foster him for rescue until he was adopted. They were only obligated to keep strays around 1 week before euthanizing them. However, despite thinking he might be deaf and because they liked him so much, they gave McGrady 35 days of life. Just in time for me to see him on petfinder. He is, indeed, deaf but also one of the smartest dogs I've ever met. I had NO idea about all the crazy beliefs there were out there about deaf dogs (ie, that they're "time bombs") until deciding to keep McGrady and starting to read about how best to train him. Almost weekly, strangers will say, "oh poor baby" when learning he's deaf; however, when we demonstrate all the commands he knows, they walk away saying, "WOW! How smart!" 

I started the FB page for McGrady, or "McG" as we call him, to simply demonstrate how "normal," fun, smart and easy-to-live with deaf dogs are! Also, to help fight those unwarranted beliefs and to show that you don't have to have any special credentials (besides love and patience, just like with any other dog) to own a deaf dog. 

Here's the link to McGrady's facebook:

This Sunday is the first anniversary of his Gotcha Day, as my friends who have adopted kids say. Thank you for your consideration and what you're doing for deaf animals!!! 



  1. McGrady
    You set a great example for what deaf animals can accomplish if given a chance!

  2. Sheley is being very modest. She and McGrady are the greatest emabassadors for deaf dogs that anyone could be. I work with a local rescue group and last fall McG came out to help us 'work the crowd' at the Southern Women's Show for donations. He was the picture of gentlemanly poise - patiently accepting every new pat on the head and request to perform his many commands. Over four days and thousands of people - from young to old to wheelchair bound - he made sure every single one of them had the opportunity to shower him with love (and pupperoni sticks of course).

    Sheley is a wonderful advocate for deaf dogs and I have never seen her miss a single opportunity to educate people on the abilities (vs disabilities) of deaf dogs.

    Way to go Sheley & McG - we love you guys!

  3. Patricia:

    It is with hope that their interaction with people will encourage others to give a home to a deaf animal.


    Thanks for sharing in details that Sheley haven't! While not all deaf dogs are like McGrady, every one of them is awesome and deserves a home. I'm sure McGrady'll give a woof to that. I'm glad to know that Sheley focuses on abilities. Being deaf, I know what it's like when people overlook the abilities.